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About TOTI Virtual Teaching

Product Overview

Flexible Solutions for an Inflexible World

TOTI is a privately-owned organization built by technology experts and innovative thinkers. We spent years researching and understanding all the requirements of struggling readers and their parents. We've invested millions of dollars in developing a one-of-a-kind self-service literacy program that can be used anywhere in the world.

Our initial focus was to build a comprehensive program with a minimal learning curve for new students that offered fun and interesting material for older students. In our software we then built in functionality to give students multiple ways to decode words, connect letters to sounds, and to easily follow words in a sentence. Lots of chances to practice and instant feedback is key to keeping students engaged while minimizing the need for human intervention. Comprehension exercises allow students to test whether they understood what they've read. Finally, we made sure the program was flexible and convenient enough to work for students with tight schedules. On top of it all we made it very affordable!

Customer service is our top priority and you'll see that we put your needs and concerns first. Sign up with us today and see how easy and convenient it is to practice and improve with TOTI!

What We Believe

Literacy and Equality for All

Whether it's checking the weather, shopping for a new cellphone or solving tough math equations, these tasks all rely on being able to read. English literacy is a powerful skill that can take someone far: beyond their village and onwards to a place where their hopes and dreams are realized. We believe that every person deserves this right.

Empowering Our Kids

As parents we want our children to become happy, independent adults. We'll do whatever it takes to help them and we want other parents to be able to do the same. It's important to give them the very best means of support and then watch them try on their own.

Teachers Are Valuable

Many people attribute some of their success to the inspiration and support of a good teacher. A great teacher can make all the difference but the current classroom environments are so busy that they're often unable to do that for each and every student. We make sure teachers feel valued for the important contribution they make in their students' lives.