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Testimonials on TOTI Virtual Teaching


Department of Education State of California

I have recently learned of the TOTI-VT online software and am impressed with its capabilities to tailor reading and reading comprehension instruction to meet specific student needs. TOTI-VT has many unique features that we think will be of great benefit to our students and their individual reading progress and success. The staff at TOTI-VT is incredible to work with and has been extremely helpful in customizing the software to meet our specific requirements. We are excited to pilot this program with our adult students!

Wendy C. Griffin, M.Ed.
SC Department of Education

Judy Ireland

TOTI Virtual Teaching Assistant is a great value for our adult learners who practice pronunciation and reading comprehension at our Center’s computer lab and at home. The ability to create our own content, in addition to the speech recognition technology, make TOTI the most versatile and innovative software we’ve encountered for adults. It works equally well for English speakers who are improving their reading skills, and for speakers of other languages who are learning English. The partnership with TOTI is phenomenal, and is the key to our success in embedding this program in our Center’s curriculum. The responsiveness of the TOTI team is unparalleled in terms of speed and problem-solving. We are so grateful to have found TOTI. Our students love it.

Judy Ireland
Executive Director
DePorres PLACE, Inc

Linda White

The benefits of one-to-one practice are endless. Parents who sign their children up with TOTI are giving them a huge advantage. Students thrive with the personalized options and intensive practice that TOTI offers.

Linda White, Academic Advisor

Natalie Weppler

TOTI is far superior to other reading software that we've tried. Unlike other programs that seemed 'robotic', TOTI is user friendly and perfectly models what my son is learning. He knows exactly what the expectations are as he works through each text. We live in a rural area which requires us to drive everywhere, so as a parent I love the flexibility of TOTI. Our son can practice his reading according to our lifestyle and busy schedule. At age 12, our son likes the fact that TOTI makes reading a lot easier and that he can practice by himself in a relaxed atmosphere. Most importantly, I think TOTI has helped to increase our son's confidence and motivation. In the past, he has hated to read, let alone read out loud. Now, he feels a sense of ownership and control over his reading progress. He enjoys selecting books that are actually appropriate to his age and reading level and knows that he can repeat texts if necessary. We like the immediate feedback and continuous support that TOTI offers. Our son's classroom teacher has actually commented, that in a short time, he has already gone up a few reading levels. It's wonderful to finally experience success reading!

Natalie Weppler, Parent

Lydia Fischer

We vowed to leave no stone unturned to help my son with learning to read, and we tried everything. He’s really not into technology -- he never took to the computer before -- and at first I wasn’t sure if this was going to work for him. But it’s so easy-to-use, and he is so autonomous with it now. We come home and as soon as we walk in the door, off he goes to his room to work on TOTI. The immediate feedback is great and it makes him really try to do better.

Improving one’s reading does not happen overnight for everyone. It is something you have to spend time on to see improvements. Just to know that my son has a bit of practice to do each day and is making improvements gives me peace of mind. The reports allow me to see that he did the reading, we know he’s getting corrections and then he moves on to the next assignment. It’s liberating!

Lydia Fischer, Parent

Dr. Michael Solis

The advanced features of the TOTI software are more sophisticated than many of the current software reading packages on the market.

Dr. Michael Solis, University of Virginia


Dr. Steven Stern

An impressive and engaging product that will keep struggling readers motivated and involved.

Dr. Steven Stern, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Robert Savage

The system will significantly aid the development of word reading for these young people.

Dr. Robert Savage, McGill University

Dr. Beverly Weiser

TOTI's software has great potential to effectively deliver learning to struggling readers at an affordable price.

Dr. Beverly Weiser, Institute for Evidence-Based Education, Southern Methodist University